Escape to a Tropical Rote Island Resort

To say 2020 was an eventful year would be an understatement. With so many life-changing events felt around the globe, it’s safe to say we could all use a little escape from reality.

Perhaps what you need is a bit of sunshine, a breath of fresh ocean breeze, and maybe even a swim in crystal-clear tropical waters. We’re talking about a paradise on Earth that is practically still under the radar for many. Join us when we open in 2021 to ease your mind and senses at our tropical Rote Island Resort.

Rote Island remains one of the few hidden gems in the Indonesian archipelago; an island that checks all the boxes for your ideal escape to rejuvenate your purpose in life. So, what is it like to stay on Rote Island?

Divine Tropical Heaven

To help you paint a picture of Rote Island, first imagine a crystal-clear ocean with a greenish-blue tint. Then visualize spectacular rolling waves sweeping the shores that are home to powdery white sands. Add in tropical vegetation and beautiful rock formations, and you’ve got Rote Island perfectly described.

Geographically, Rote is located southwest of Kupang (West-Timor), making it the southernmost island in the Indonesian archipelago. On the island, you won’t see any traffic jams or pollution from cars and motorcycles weaving in and out of the streets; instead you’re left to your own thoughts and the company that you bring with you to the island, along with the charming landscape and seascape of Rote.

What better way to compliment your stay on the island than a boutique glamping resort that accentuates the beauty of Rote Island? Mick’s Place on Rote Island is currently in development, we are hoping to be open by the second half of 2021 (send us a message to be updated when we open!). The resort will span more than 5 hectares and will offer beachfront bungalows that will give you direct access to the beach.

Don’t just take our word for it; have a look at our Rote Island Resort for yourself and consider visiting us one day!

Surfing and Water Sport Paradise

Rote Island remains one of the few undiscovered island gems. Over the years, Rote has become increasingly popular as a destination for dedicated surfing enthusiasts. It is truly a world-class surfing destination that rivals some of the best in the world.

And it doesn’t stop there. Being an equatorial tropical island, its waters are a treasure trove for sighting all manners of marine flora and fauna. Think beautiful coral reefs, vibrant schools of fish, spectacular rock formations, and a sunset so magical you won’t forget it in a lifetime.

Make 2021 your year by visiting Rote Island and staying at our boutique glamping resort at Mick’s Place. Featuring Polynesian-styled bungalows that are solar-powered and equipped with the latest creature comforts.

Tropical Plants Bougenvillea

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