Mick's Place Rote

A Boutique Eco Resort

The new Place

After 25 years experience in successfully running Mick's Place in Bali and already living in Rote several month's a year for more than 10 years we decided to open a new Place in Rote Island.

Opening 2024

Having a similar breathtaking view as the resort in Bali, this Place will be different...

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The Idea behind the new Resort in Rote

First of all, we wanted to offer our guests something new, going a different route than the existing resorts on Rote Island so far.

After operating our resort in Bali for many years, our guests kept telling us how much they enjoyed the elegant simplicity and communal style of Mick’s Place. With this in mind we wanted to replicate that ambience in our new resort on Rote in a different way.

Rote island, still being a relatively undiscovered paradise with its unspoiled nature, calls for a more sensitive approach to setting up and operating a resort minimizing the impact on the island.

Hence the idea of a Boutique Eco Resort was born.

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The Resort

Spreading out over more than 5 hectares of beachfront/clifftop land the resort ensures plenty of space and privacy for our guests and allows us to leave the existing landscape as natural as possible.

Mick's Place Rote has a similar vibe to the resort in Bali.

The communal area with its infinity pool overhanging the beach cliff is surrounded by a sundeck with loungers, the open-air restaurant and our “Island Bar”, ready to serve you a cool drink while enjoying the view and the breathtaking Rote sunsets.

Circling this communal space, you will find the tent-style bungalows nestled between local palm and pandana trees.

The bungalows are positioned a good distance from each other (25-30m) to ensure adequate privacy.

With a maximum of 10-12 guests in 2024 you are assured of a relaxing and exclusive holiday.

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The Bungalows

Our solar powered Polynesian-style tent-bungalows feature palm thatched roofs, polished terrazzo floors, panoramic sliding doors and a beautiful bamboo construction, all boasting beautiful ocean views.

Outside of the bungalow but still under the shady palm thatched roof you will find a lounging area to while away the mid-afternoons.

Attached to each bungalow is a large in/outdoor bathroom built from local natural stone combined with modern detailing and amenities including a solar hot water system. The wastewater of the bathrooms is recycled and used to water the surrounding private gardens.

Beachfront Bungalows

Max 2 guests

While all bungalows have the same layout and facilities the Beachfront Bungalows are situated in closer proximity to the beach.


  • Ceiling fan
  • Outdoor bathroom w. hot shower
  • Bath + pool towels
  • In-room safety box

Coconut Grove Bungalows

Max 2 guests

The Coconut Grove Bungalows, set slightly further back under mature coconut trees, are all orientated in a way that provides beautiful ocean views.


  • Ceiling fan
  • Outdoor bathroom w. hot shower
  • Bath + pool towels
  • In-room safety box

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