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At Mick's we are family

At Mick's we are like family - most of our staff has been with us for a decade - some of them for more then 20 years!

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Mick was the first one to open a Guesthouse in Bingin in 1995. He came here in the early 80s after a friend quietly suggested a new "secret" surf spot near Uluwatu. After a decade of surf trips to Bali, he settled on the present land in Bingin and built the first bungalow. Straight away it was popular for surfers and it opened up tourist accommodation in the Bingin-Uluwatu area.

25 years on, that first bungalow developed into a Boutique resort and is still catering to guests from around the world.

Since 2004, for several month's of the year, Mick can be found on the Island of Rote where he is in his element surfing and creating his vision of a sustainable Eco Resort.

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Sascha left Denmark for overseas in 1997 and met Mick during her travels through South East Asia.
Now married to Mick, Bali is well and truly her home.
She soon found her passion in the spa industry which she entered into by chance early on and then brought her know-how and experience to Bingin where she’s opened a small spa at Mick’s Place as well as a “sister spa” in close proximity.

Sascha is also in charge of the weddings here at Mick’s Place and has personally been assisting couples getting married here for the past 10 years and taking part in their very special day.

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While traveling India and Asia he discovered the waves of Indonesia and fell in love with Bali.
Coming from different professional backgrounds, when working in event and hospitality he always enjoyed creating unique spaces to host guests in the most comfortable ways possible. This knowledge and experience paved the way to eventually managing resorts throughout South-East Asia.

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Made has been working as a chef at Mick's Place since the early beginnings. A chef by trade and a local in Bingin he was a true find 22 years ago. Specializing in the Indonesian cuisine but catering to the western pallet Made's signature dishes such as the Nasi Campur, Seafood BBQ and the Sate Lilit have become some of the most favorite dishes among our guests.

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