4 Travel Tips for your Rote Honeymoon

Finding the right person to fill your heart is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Now, imagine spending your time with that person in one of Indonesia’s jewels, Rote Island. As far as honeymoon destinations go, Rote Island checks all the boxes. Think of turquoise blue waters, powdery white sand, and the tropical breeze sweeping the air. 

If that sounds like the dream honeymoon destination for you, wait until you actually arrive on the island!  However, before you start packing your bags for Rote, make sure you read up on these tips to ensure your honeymoon is a beautiful experience.

Research Rote activities, together

Rote Island has a huge range of outdoor activities for you and your new spouse to explore together - learn to surf, scuba dive, go snorkeling, take up kite-surfing or sailing, relax into paddle boarding or go kayaking together through the mangroves. Find activities that you both enjoy to do, together.

Plan romantic surprises

Make your tropical honeymoon in Rote Island one you’ll never forget - plan surprises for your significant other. Talk with our team at Mick’s Place Rote - we are experienced in providing bespoke experiences and can’t wait to help you spoil your partner.

Leave time for spontaneity and to relax

Planning your honeymoon in a tropical paradise like Rote Island can leave you bursting with excitement - don’t forget to leave some time for late sleep-ins, afternoon naps or cocktails overlooking the ocean and white sand beaches.

Pack UV Protection

If this is your first time traveling to the tropics, this tip is especially important. In fact, even if it isn’t your first time, packing UV protection is always a good idea. The last thing you want on your honeymoon trip to Rote Island is to experience the discomfort of sunburn.

Not sure where to start? First thing on your list should be a sunscreen with a minimum of 50+ SPF, and if possible get one that is water resistant and coral-friendly for those days you feel like going for a swim. Other items to consider packing are a wide-brim sun hat and your favorite polarized shades to keep your eyes cool in the sun.

We look forward to welcoming you for a romantic honeymoon with Mick’s Place, Rote Island.

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