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snake-necked turtle rote island
Rare Snake-Necked Turtles Found on Rote Island

Indonesia will never cease to amaze even the most discerning traveller. In addition to beautiful cultures and traditions, the Indonesian wilderness will astound you with its assemblage of exotic and unique wild animals. A fantastic example is the Komodo Dragon, a real-life dragon found in the Komodo National Park, in West Flores. In Kalimantan, Borneo, […]

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Fishing At Rote Island
Can You Fish in Rote?

Have you heard of Rote Island? This tiny island paradise is a haven for nature lovers, surfers,  divers and even fishing. If you love exploring, adventure and nature in all of its glory, then Rote Island is a definite must-visit. Read further to learn if you can fish in Rote. Rote Island is Indonesia’s southernmost […]

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