View from Mick's Place Rote
4 Travel Tips for your Rote Honeymoon

Finding the right person to fill your heart is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Now, imagine spending your time with that person in one of Indonesia’s jewels, Rote Island. As far as honeymoon destinations go, Rote Island checks all the boxes. Think of turquoise blue waters, powdery white sand, and the tropical breeze sweeping the […]

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Bo'a Beach is worth to visit on your holiday on Rote Island
4 Charming Beaches to Visit on Your Holiday on Rote Island

The Indonesian archipelago is home to many tropical island gems that are just waiting to be explored. Rote Island is one of these notable island jewels. Rote Island is located in the East Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia, just south of West-Timor. Its remote location allows for the preservation of its incredible landscapes and shorelines. […]

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