Things to do on your trip to Rote Island

Things to do on your trip to Rote Island

Located just southwest of West Timor, Rote Island is a hidden gem for travellers and surfers alike. Rote Island is often overlooked by travellers who opt for the more popular destinations and therefore remains one of the best hidden destinations for those who are looking for a relatively quiet and secluded getaway experience in Indonesia.

For those of you who are interested or planning a getaway trip to Rote Island, here are some ideas of things to do while you’re on the island!

Batu Termanu

Located in Central Rote, in Onotali, Batu Termanu is a giant rock formation that seemingly appears from the ground. The locals have a belief that this rock has ancient and mythical origins due to the facial features that are visible on the rock face. Other than the rock itself, you can also swim in the pristine waters and catch the sun as it sets over the horizon.

Enjoy the sunset at Tiang Bendera Beach

Tiang Bendera, which translates to the flagpole in Bahasa, is a beach located in Baadele, Lobalain. This beach is known for the coral reefs that are visible from the shore, as well as the majestic sunset vistas to enjoy.

Swim in Oemasapoka Lake

Located in the Landu Leko District, Oemasapoka is a saltwater lake where you can swim, relax in its waters and soak in the tropical sun. Keep in mind that the roads leading to this lake are still unpaved and can be quite tricky to navigate through, however, the journey is well worth the effort.

Surf along the Nemberala Coastline

The southwestern coastline of Rote Island is home to a wide array of surfing locations. Beginner surfers can catch the swells on the northern end of Nemberala where the waves range from half a meter to just over a meter. More advanced surfers can surf over the Besialu Reefs (T-Land), where the waves are known to reach up to 4 meters during the peak surfing seasons between March to November.

Rote Island is a hidden gem that rewards travellers with its seclusion, pristine beaches and world class surfing swells. Its remote location offers travellers a quiet getaway experience.

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