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Mick's Place Rote

Tunggaoen - Rote Island - 85982 East Nusa Tenggara - Indonesia

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  • The small Ba'a Airport with its one runway is a 1 hour drive from our resort
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  • We have a small left and right wave right at our doorsteps, main spots like T-Land (Besialu), Boa and others are within 10-15 min with car or motorbike.
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  • There are a few shops and a weekly market around Nemberala which is a 10 min drive
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  • Mick's in-house menu
  • Local restaurants & bars 10 min drive

How to get to Rote Island

Bali to West-Timor (Kupang)

In order to get to Rote Island you have to transit through the city of Kupang in West-Timor.
Different airlines (Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air etc.) fly daily from Bali, Jakarta and other Indonesian airports to Kupang. It's approximately a 2 hour flight from Bali to Kupang.

Kupang to Rote Island

By Plane (fast and easy option)
The 20 min flight is the easiest way as it is much faster than the 2 hour ferry ride and you don't have to taxi between airport and harbor.
Lion Air offers 1-2 daily flights between Kupang and Rote. This is a little more expensive but it saves you time and a possible night in Kupang, depending on the plane/boat schedule.

By Bahari-Express-Ferry
The daily Express-Ferry conveys passengers on a 2 hour boat ride from Kupang to Rote and back. Departure times may vary on different days. Tickets are available at the harbor and do not have to be booked in advance as there is usually enough space for all. We recommend VIP-Tickets though, as these seats are allocated and have aircon.
Please make sure your flight connects with the departure Express-Ferry so you don't have to stay one night in Kupang. Also keep in mind that with windy weather conditions the Express-Ferry might not run due to choppy seas.
Please check the website of Bahari-Express-Ferrys for their schedule: https://expressbahari.com

Keep in mind that some airlines and ferry-services might charge extra for luggage and sports equipment like surfboards!

Please let us know ahead of your journey if you want us to organize your pick-up/drop-off from/to the airport or harbor. The ride from the Airport/Express-Ferry to Mick's Place takes about 1 hour.

We are happy to help you with your bookings - please contact us for any assistance.

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