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24 Hour Guide To A StayCation At Mick’s Place Bali
24 Hour Guide To A Staycation At Mick’s Place Bali

If you’re feeling tired and uninspired, then a staycation Bali is in order! What could be better than a 24-hour getaway in Bali’s beautiful Bukit Peninsula area? A change of scenery is always good for the mind and body and you’ll get to enjoy the fresh sea breeze and amazing clifftop views, not to mention […]

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Work with Ocean View Mick's Place
Come and enjoy our beautiful beachfront views! Bring your office to Mick’s Place Bali

Let’s work and play here in Bali! The Island of The Gods has long attracted digital nomads, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to enjoy the sense of freedom and peace that the island brings. For a paradise destination, Bali - especially South Bali and Bingin - Work with Ocean Viewwell developed with fast and […]

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