Can You Fish in Rote?

Have you heard of Rote Island? This tiny island paradise is a haven for nature lovers, surfers,  divers and even fishing. If you love exploring, adventure and nature in all of its glory, then Rote Island is a definite must-visit. Read further to learn if you can fish in Rote.

Rote Island is Indonesia’s southernmost island, just 500 km away from Australia. It’s located just southeast of Flores and Sumba and southwest of Kupang, the capital city of West Timor in the Timor Sea. Relatively untouched and incredibly laid-back, Rote is home to palm fringed white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and amazing surf. 

The water all around the island is home to a plethora of sea creatures, including a diverse collection of tropical fish, making it the ultimate destination for those who love bluewater fishing. Surf fishing - fishing from the shoreline - is also popular here in Rote amongst the locals.

You could watch them heading out towards their favourite fishing spots early in the morning to catch fresh, small fish for their breakfast. Anyone is welcomed to join - the locals here are friendly and welcoming - follow their lead and pay attention to where they set up their rods, which would usually be on the northern or southern end of Nemberala beach.

Bluewater Fishing In Rote

If you’re into bluewater fishing or are curious about recreational fishing from a motorboat using a rod and reel, then you’d definitely need a special charter and a guide to take you to well-known fishing spots around Rote Island. 

Indeed, Rote Island has always been a favourite amongst the fishing community as one of Indonesia’s most exhilarating fishing destinations. DMC Fishing recommends Rote Island as the prime location for catching Dogtooth Tuna, Great Trevallies, Mackerels, Marlins and Yellow Fins. Spearfishing is also available; just be sure to follow all the rules and regulations and listen to your guides carefully.

Rote has a stunning climate and seasons do not seem to affect the overall abundance of fish, as they are non-migratory. It would be best to take note of the rainy season which usually falls between November to February only for the sake of your safety as the waters would be predictably, rough. 

The rest of the year on Rote Island will ensure sunny days, smooth and clear water, and lots of opportunities to enjoy bluewater fishing and spearfishing. 

Mick’s Place is coming to Rote Island?

Mick’s Place Bali is currently expanding to this pristine and exotic island. If you’re craving an exhilarating and adventurous experience amidst raw and untouched nature, you should keep an eye out on the horizon for Mick’s Place Rote!

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