Mick’s Place Bali, One Of Bingin’s Most Instagrammable Resorts

Did you know that Bali is home to some truly stunning resorts? Resorts in Bali are so much more than just a place to sleep at night – they are wonderfully aesthetic and stylish, each with its own personality and character, and gorgeous features, nooks, and corners that are just so delightfully Instagrammable!

And Mick’s Place in Bingin, Bali is at the top of the list. An intimate boutique resort in the Bukit Peninsula area, Mick’s Place is nestled atop a cliff in breathtaking Bingin. The entire space exudes its own sophisticated charm with eclectic designs inspired by the islands of Indonesia and Polynesia and lovely interiors that will steal your heart.

Let’s take a look at all of the Instagrammable spots that you can find here in Mick’s Place Bali!

The Tree House Bungalow

The Tree House Bungalow at Mick’s Place Bali is both enchanting and luxurious - the ideal location for those of you who want to live out your tropical island dreams… and turn all your followers green with envy! Situated in its own private garden, a snapshot of you standing in front of this whimsical and beautifully designed bungalow, relaxing in the hammock on the upper deck or swaying on its swing in the tree will earn you more likes and comments than you could imagine!

The Honeymoon Bungalow

This gorgeous bungalow opens up to your very own private pool and sun deck with 180-degree views of the Indian Ocean. There is nowhere better for an “I woke up like this” shot of you from the lavish comforts of your luxurious king-sized bed. The bungalow’s stylish décor makes the perfect backdrop for a sexy holiday shot. Take it up a notch and pose for a killer bikini photo in your own private pool with the sky above and the sea hundreds of feet below. It’s the perfect “vacation goals” post that will rake up the likes and propel you to Insta-stardom!

In-Villa Dining

Nothing says “holiday goals” better than a snapshot of you sipping champagne on ice in your own private outdoor pagoda on top of Bingin cliff!! Give the world a glimpse of you enjoying your front-row seats to one of the most magical sunsets. Plus, this private spot in Mick’s Place Bali will make you feel like you’re sitting at the edge of the world. Take in the sea breeze and the gorgeous sights and sounds. Everyone loves a stunning sunset view so don’t forget to record it all for your Instagram Reel!

The Infinity Pool

The Infinity Pool at Mick’s Place Bali is an actual slice of heaven. Nestled between lovely outdoor bales, comfortable sofa seats, hammocks, coconut and frangipani trees, this is the spot for spectacular ocean views and an ever-changing sunset. You’ll never run out of ideas for spicy Instagram photo-ops here - from fun-filled sun-soaked pool afternoons to couple goals in the water and breathtaking million-dollar views as far as the eye can see, your followers will love that you’re taking them on a visual adventure with you!

Ready for your Instagram-friendly getaway at Mick’s Place Bali? Book your stay now at Mick’s Place Bali for an enviable getaway that your followers won’t soon forget!


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