Bali Honeymoon Bungalows

Bali Honeymoon Bungalows

There’s no disputing that Bali is one of the world’s top honeymoon destinations. With a huge variety of accommodation options, activities, nightlife and culinary choices, there’s something for every couple. There is a great abundance of natural beauty on land and sea, for couples who enjoy rainforest trekking, diving, or snorkeling. There are wild landscapes to explore for adventurous couples on motorbikes. Not to mention that Bali is a theatrical stage for the vibrant Hindu-Javanese culture that is distinct from the rest of Indonesia.

Couples who are planning to stay in Bali for their honeymoon should look for the perfect accommodation, which caters to their need for serenity and privacy. Mick’s Place is the place for just that, and much more. Our Bali honeymoon bungalows offer a great view, excellent service, and an unforgettable stay experience, all at a level of detail that is found only in a boutique resort.

Where is Mick’s Place?

Mick’s Place sits on a hilltop overlooking Bingin beach and the famous Pecatu sea cliffs in the south of Bali. The height offers a generous west-ward view of the surf and the surrounding natural coastline. A constant refreshing breeze provides plenty of fresh air to the four-bungalow complex. With such a large space that accommodates a maximum of ten guests at a time, we have created the ultimate private environment without constricting guests to closed rooms or villas.

Being on top of a sea cliff, the atmosphere can be refreshingly cool. We have planted various kinds of trees, from coconut to tropical evergreens, providing plenty of shade as you explore the villa grounds.

The Honeymoon Bungalow

Each of the four bungalows offers distinctly unique values. The Honeymoon Bungalow provides space for two people behind stone walls and a gate. A private infinity pool and sundeck are exclusively for the use of the couple. For any occasion, the couple can also enjoy a private romantic meal at the dining pagoda next to the pool. This is where the breathtaking view can be appreciated together.

Inside, you’ll enjoy your private honeymoon bungalow complete with thoughtful design and luxury appointments. The spacious round bathtub, circular bed and stylish couch offer absolute comfort, minimalism, and style that create a relaxing and intimate atmosphere.

Visit Mick’s Place

Don’t hesitate to learn more about our Bali Honeymoon Bungalow. If you have any questions at all, we are happy to answer you in a flash. For a honeymoon with your special someone, you deserve the very best Bali has to offer.

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